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Pronexa Shampoo by Hairgenics

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Side Effects

Side Effects – Is Pronexa Shampoo by Hairgenis Safe?

With usage, dosing and application as directed on our labels – all Hairgenics LLC products are generally well tolerated and safe to use for almost every healthy individual. As always before starting a new supplement or product it is recommended that one consults their qualified medical professional with access to their complete medical history and knowledge of any other substances, medications or personal or lifestyle implications that make interact, interfere or otherwise produce undesirable side effects in combination with the ingredients of our beauty and hair products. Hairgenics LLC recommends all customers consult with their health care provider with any personal questions or concerns regarding safety of use of our products or any possible cross implications with other aspects of their health and lifestyle.

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  1. Charles Lestin

    best hair loss shampoo out there for sure! I use with the conditioner as well daily for 4 months and I swear my scalp is completely renewed and hair thickness and fullness is that of my younger days

    Charles Lestin

  2. Travis Killner

    this hair growth shampoo really does work although if you want better results I found diet lifestyle and adding in the supplement and conditioner really made the results come on much faster…

    Travis Killner

  3. Curly locks

    On my 3rd bottle of this stuff because I just lather the heck out of it… I started getting compliments after a month and I don’t care how expensive it is… it sure as heck beats the prescriptions and cosmetic procedures!

    Curly locks

  4. Rachelle Jarben

    I have been on the hunt for a quality hair growth and regrowth promoting shampoo / conditioner combo for over a year now after a friend claimed some decent before and after results with switching to specialty products from your common grocery store type items.
    I read 100’s of positive customer reviews of Pronexa Shampoo by Hairgenics before cautiously giving it a shot myself (in my experience amazon review testimonials don’t always reflect the truth and sometimes are manipulated)
    It’s by no means a quick acting magic bullet fix as some other products will claim, but after religious use of Hairgenics shampoo and conditioner and some good healthy diet changes, I’m starting to really reap the rewards of using them. I figured I’d leave at least one guaranteed positive rating and review of this product and let you other cautious shoppers know that with time, this product definitely is feeling legitimate and worth the price they ask for such a small bottle of shampoo/conditioner that is especially marketed for hair growth and health long term.

    Rachelle Jarben

  5. Samantha I.

    Love LOVE LOVE it. I’m patiently waiting for a pronexa conditioner product hairgenics…

    Samantha I.

  6. Trey Reed

    Works super well. I mean you have to combine with sensible diet and lifestyle but the growth results are showing 2 bottles in

    Trey Reed