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Pronexa Topical Hair Loss Serum by Hairgenics

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Hairgenic’s Pronexa Topical Serum is a highly advanced and ultra potency serum that works to encourage scalp stimulation to aid in reactivating hair follicles to promote thicker and fuller hair growth. Use our product for a few months and watch as your hair grows in thicker, healthier and stronger than ever before! For best results considering using alongside our Pronexa brand conditioner, shampoo and supplement products

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Pronexa Topical Hair Loss Serum by Hairgenics Stops Hair Loss and Accelerates Hair Growth and Hair Regrowth in Balding and Thinning Areas. 1 FL OZ

Our Pronexa Hair Growth Serum is a revolutionary topical hair regrowth serum that provides the necessary nutrients to reduce hair loss rates and encourage maximum results of hair growth. What is the secret you may ask? Our cutting-edge formula with our “secret weapon” – pea sprout extract!

Pea sprout extract? Yes! A little known fact about the all natural pea sprout is that within its interior lies a combination of very powerful ingredients that are wonderful for your hair!

Within the pea sprout there lies an enormous level of special phytonutrients, proteins, starch and fibers that have a myriad of amazing properties, one of which is that it results in amazing hair. After years of research, the scientists at HairGenics found that a certain, patented extract from pea sprouts that helps to initiate the growth of new hair in human follicles.

Our patented pea sprout serum is jam-packed with phytonutrients and restorative proteins! These clever rebalancing phytonutrients penetrate the scalp at the root, encouraging new hair follicles to sprout before the old hair falls out.

The result is thicker, healthier and more beautiful hair. It is clinically proven to reverse years of damage to your hair and fight the signs of hair loss. Studies show it provides much better results than the topical drug Minoxidil.

Try Pronexa Hair Growth Serum today for thicker, longer, more voluminous and beautiful hair. As with all Hairgenics products, we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied, no questions asked.

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Side Effects

Side Effects – Is Pronexa Topical By Hairgenics Safe?

With usage, dosing and application as directed on our labels – all Hairgenics LLC products are generally well tolerated and safe to use for almost every healthy individual. As always before starting a new supplement or product it is recommended that one consults their qualified medical professional with access to their complete medical history and knowledge of any other substances, medications or personal or lifestyle implications that make interact, interfere or otherwise produce undesirable side effects in combination with the ingredients of our beauty and hair products. Hairgenics LLC recommends all customers consult with their health care provider with any personal questions or concerns regarding safety of use of our products or any possible cross implications with other aspects of their health and lifestyle.

Where to Buy

Where to Buy Hairgenics Pronexa Liquid Drops Online?

While you may see many of our Hairgenics beauty, hair, eyelash, eyebrow and health products advertised on a number of platform such as Amazon, eBay, Groupon, Walmart and other online vendors – we recommend that you use our official online Hairgenics store at MyHairgenics.com for ordering our products to avoid counterfeit and ripoff products as well as scams and fake sellers.

Hairgenics LLC is aware of number fake and counterfeit re-sellers on Amazon.com, Walmart.com, eBay.com, Groupon.com and other online store platforms and marketplaces. Ordering from our official website ensures the lowest prices, product authenticity, the best expiring dates and latest formulas and protects you with our money back and lowest price guarantees.

Can you purchase it in stores?

Currently we don’t sell our beauty and health products in any physical locations across the USA, UK, Canada or other locations. We are working to our bring our products into stores near you and expect to see our brand in physical locations and shops as early as 2020 as we continue to grow and improve our brand and product line!


Below are some of the more common questions we get regarding this product, ordering and our policies. For any additional questions or concern please don’t hesitate to contact us via email!

Frequently Asked Questions

All orders on Hairgenics official store myhairgenics.com are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and product return policy to ensure complete customer satisfaction and confidence.If you are unsatisfied with your product or order in anyway simply return any unused portion of your order to the return address below for a refund (minus shipping and handling)Return Address:Hairgenics LLC1200 Corporation Dr.Suite AHigh Point, NC27263Then please contact us with your refund request. To expedite your request please include the tracking number, provider or link along with your order number.

Our products are developed to be as well tolerated, safe and side effect free as humanly possible. Individuals still are recommended to ask their doctor or health care provider prior to usage for any possible complications that may arise in accordance to individual health, medication, dietary and lifestyle situations. It is recommended that new customers start off with trial amounts and dosing to assess individual tolerance, response and possible negative reactions unique to themselves.

Recommended usage, dose, directions and application instructions on usage are located on the reverse label of all of our items.

While every individual is different by a large margin. With continued usage and assuming no underlying preventative conditions or complications, our customers generally report noticeable before and after results within 2 to 3 months – or about the average time it takes the human body to assimilate and regenerate a new set of cells within the slim or hair on average

Our products are developed to be as well tolerated, safe and side effect free as humanly possible. Individuals still are recommended to ask their doctor or health care provider prior to usage for any possible complications that may arise in accordance to individual health, medication, dietary and lifestyle situations. It is recommended that new customers start off with trial amounts and dosing to assess individual tolerance, response and possible negative reactions unique to themselves.

Hairgenics strives to develop research improve and price our products to exceed or match competitors at every level. Generally our users are always happy with our quality and pricing as compared versus similar options, brands and treatments within their class in most every way.

Currently our products aren’t for sale in major well known physical stores such as GNC, CVS, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target or similar franchises and super stores. We are working diligently to have our full product lineup on shelves and in shops near you later this year!

Out website offers express and express priority shipping options to most countries and international addresses so you can buy Hairgenics internationally in most cases. Customers can check availability and current rates by inputting their address at the checkout page and allowing our shipment calculator to request current coats through the USPS.com courier service API

Yes, Canadian customers can purchase Hairgenics items to Canada online and well be presented with shipping rates to Canada after inputting their address and visiting the checkout page.

Absolutely. Customers in the United Kingdom or Europe can order Hairgenics LLC to the UK and surrounding regions and will be present current USPS shipping rates on our checkout form after their address had been input.

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We are aware of several fake and counterfeit sellers listing our items on deal sites such as Groupon and Groupon.com at this time. To avoid fake, defective or expired products you are encouraged to buy hairgenics llc from our official and only web store at https://myhairgenics.com

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  1. Sue Anne

    this hair loss serum and liquid had been an absolute amazing find and the results really started to show and pick in around month 3 according to everyone around me and all their wonderfully flattering comments! I was considering super 3xpensive surgery and this is working so well that I’m so happy to leave a 5 star review when I normally wouldn’t bother with reviewing a product online. thank you for restoring my confidence in myself and companies in the beauty industry as whole Haorgenics! ~much love and kisses~ Sue

    Sue Anne

  2. David Swanson

    I have a sensitive scalp so I was worried about side effects like dandruff but so far so good and I can start too see fuller thicker and new hair growth after about a month which is pretty impressive considering how long hair cells take to regenerate new ones!!!

    David Swanson

  3. Frankie Romaine

    I have tried many many products over the years for my thinning and shedding and have also been a customer of the pronexa shampoo and conditioner by hairgenics and I stand by this company so much! I was first turned on to the pronexa line of products and the hairgenics topical serum was no different… hundreds of glowing customer reviews that I was worried about being fake at first but then saw for myself how awesome and real these products are

    Frankie Romaine

  4. Brent Sutherland

    Have been using for a month and really starting to see good hair regrowth results. Placing my new order now with the pronexa shampoo + conditioner and will leave a full unbiased comprehensive review of hairgenics products after I have used them a bit longer but so far so good!

    Brent Sutherland